Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #148 - Lyceum


 For the Journal

                        Snow Hill 2nd mo 54


Miss Editress


            The snow is piled up in our streets from 4 to 10 ft. high, being thrown up from front of

Article #147 - Education


For the Journal


Having had the pleasure some time ago of visiting your Lyceum, I was very much pleased to see manifested such a spirit and feeling for the advancement and promulgation of science and mental improvement.


[The author, H, continues in a rather fulsome style to offer his or her opinion that nature affords endless matter for study.]


Article #146 - School Rivalry


[This piece is nearly impossible to read, as the ink is very faded, but I believe it has to do with the rivalry between two local schools. Dated 1865, it is written in pseudo-Biblical style.]


Article #145 - Education


  In what age of the world has science attained its greatest perfection? And what country? The present age...

            Many natural events that filled the minds of the inhabitants of those days [of Aristotle, Bacon, etc.] with consternation and inspired them with a fearful veneration for revengeful deities are now known by the divine aid of science to be the effect of never varying laws instituted in the beginning of the world by a being whose attributes are harmony & love...


Article #144 - Fragments


A few words respecting the watchers that appeared in the January number of our Journal. This article termed the Watchers which we refer to, we admit as being one that does some credit to the author or authors respecting ability -- and while we admire the talent that produced it we dissent widely from the spirit it possesses.

Article #143 - The Mission of Lyceums


  The Mission of Lyceums

            by S. Gatchell


[The author believes lyceums will both improve the mind and refine social intercourse.]


Article #142 - The Teachings of Mystery


The Teachings of Mystery


            In every department of science...Man finds a limit to his knowledge, but never to science. This constitutes Mystery.


Article #141 - Reform


 to be read by the secretary


            Reform may be compared to the food of a child, which should be at first fresh warm milk, and changed gradually to harder and stronger food of different kinds as age and the strength of the

digestive organs increase....

Article #140 - Temperance


For the Journal


            Temperance No. 2


[The author, T, believes lyceums, being for “mutual improvement,” should concern themselves with teaching about the effects of intoxication and not just with cultural and scientific education. This is especially necessary as lyceums attract young people, “those whose habits are in a forming state, ready to take any direction the influence of circumstances may chance to give them.”]


Article #139 - Mathematics


How is a knowledge of the science of Mathematics useful to persons in the various pursuits of life?


            A knowledge of Mathematics which Teaches us the method of ascertaining the exact



number magnitude quantity or value of things is indispensably necessary to enable us to transact any branch of business with safety to ourselves.