Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #128 - Nature


[The author answers a question he doesn’t quote, but which seems to be something like, What are the most beautiful productions of nature? Among trees he admires the royal palm; among minerals, Italian marble; and among animals, wild horses.]


Article #127 - Whistling




For the Pocopson Literary Association

                        June 23 1852


            The Whistling Individual

            I do not remember of any period of my life in which I could not whistle. The first

prognostication of my future was that I should die whistling, and as if to verify that prediction,

I whistle on all occasions.

Article #126 - Spiritual


Spiritual Rappings                    


[The author believes these rappings to have an electrical basis: “I doubt very much that these communications are from the spirit of the departed. But what they are, and what the design of them is I know not.”


Article #125 - German Baron

[A two-page fragment of a play about a German baron visiting the United States. He is cordial but a bit too good to be true; perhaps he’ll be exposed as a fraud?]

Article #124 - Education


[Feb. 29th 1851

Freind [sic] Lyceum


[The author encourages the Lyceum to persist in education, for the improvement of mankind: “...the contest cannot last long with well directed efforts truth must be victorious wherever she comes in opposition with error.

            Truth crushed to earth must rise again

            The eternal years of God are hers

            But error wounded writhes in pain

Article #123 - Reading Novels

[The author was distressed at a Lyceum meeting when someone said “novels weakened the mind and diminished its capacity for useful exercise.” Since some attenders do read novels, the author wants some of them to offer “a few remarks illustrative of the nature and benefits to be derived from reading some, or all kinds of novels.”

Article #122 - Education


The Locust Grove Journal


[The author says that, for members to gain the greatest benefit from their reading, they must speak and discuss what has been read, not just swallow it whole. “By thus trying every thing by our own judgement, the mind gradually becomes stronger and more certain in its conclusions.”


Article #121 - Nature


Why will water boil at a lower temperature on a mountain than in a valley


[A. E. Baldwin answers this by explaining the difference in atmospheric pressure. Dated Locust Grove, March 1st, 1851]



Article #120 - Westtown School shed subscription


Subscription Paper for building school shed


3rd Mo 30th 1811  It was Agreed by a Number of the owners & Employers of the West Town School on the Chester Road Where the Marlborough Street Road Crosses the Same that a stone Shed be Built Twenty four feet long & twelve feet Wide with A Necessary To Accomodate [sic] the School & Covered with Oak Shingles. & it was further Agreed that Caleb James Abner Hoopes & Joseph James was appointed to Carry the Same Into effect as Soon as a Sufficient

Article #119 - What is the Probable cause of the Rochester Knockings?


What is the Probable cause of the Rochester Knockings?


[The author, F. Darlington, finds himself unable to decide that any arguments, pro or con, are convincing. The piece is dated Sept. 27, 1817--most unlikely.]