Lesson 4: To Preserve or Not Preserve

Do you need to visit the Locust Grove Schoolhouse to understand its history?

In this lesson, children will learn about the practice of historic preservation and the protection of historic cultural resources and will consider and possibly debate the importance of preserving the Locust Grove Schoolhouse.

Students will be able to:

  • Understand that the Locust Grove Schoolhouse building is a primary resource.
  • Form an opinion on the historic preservation of one-room schoolhouses.


Curriculum Alignment:

8.2.3.B. Identify and describe primary documents, material artifacts and historic sites important in Pennsylvania history (artifacts; architecture; and historic places).
8.1.4.B: Distinguish between fact and opinion from multiple points of view, and primary sources as related to historical events.
5.2.4.D: Describe how citizens participate in school and community activities.
5.3.4.F: Explain how different perspectives can lead to conflict.
5.3.4.G: Identify individual interests and explain ways to influence others.