Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #98 - Conjugal Affection


Conjugal Affection


[Short article on the strength of married love, even beyond death.]


Article #97 - Phonography

[A two-page article written in phonography]

Article #96 - Phonography

[A 1.5 page fragment, part of a defense of phonography, also called Pitman shorthand.]

Article #95 - G.P. Hayes


[1/4 page fragment, probably G. P. Hayes re Dr. Fussell]

Unless he is like some others of his class who now and then visit the flower [sic] barrel instead of the calomel jar and who are so successful with their gingerbread pills for they undoubtedly are the

best medicine they administer


Article #94 - Meeting Minutes & Future Discussions



[This packet, sewn together with thread, contains minutes of meetings and subjects for future talks. ]




Can the quality of fruit be improved by grafting and will it not shorten the life of the tree bearing it? - Margaret P. Martin




What are some of the principal evidences that the Rochester Knockings are manifestations

Article #93 - Dry Weather Committee


Report of the Dry Weather Committee


            The committee appointed by Pocopson Lyceum to attend a meeting of the Ercildoun Lyceum held 9th Mo 12th 1852 (having attended that meeting) report as follows –

            Happy would we feel in being able to present you the meeting as it was, with its animated spirit and general interest manifested in the cause of mutual improvement, – its order and system of buisiness [sic], – its freedom and independence in dicussion and sentiment, – its

Article #92 - Scolding Women


What evidence have we that women scold worse on washing day than on any other occasion?


            This to me I acknowledge is a stumper – because my limits are observation and what

has been gleaned from tradition, though I shall attempt to answer it from personal

observations, while roaming about from place to place.

            Judging from what I know of the disposition of females contrasted with the gentlemen

Article #91 - Excuse


  Newlin 7th Mo 25th 1851


Fellow members of Locust Grove Liceum [sic]

            It is with great reluctance that I resort to this medium to inform you of the non-

appearance of the journal of which I was appointed editor at our last meeting, and the cause of what you may think a neglect, that prevented me from fulfilling the mandates of the constitution

Article #90 - Slavery/abolition



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                   August 28th 1852

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