Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #118 - What is the difference between Knowledge & Wisdom?


Question: What is the difference between Knowledge & Wisdom


[To answer, the author quotes William Cowper: knowledge is “thoughts of other men; wisdom in minds attentive to their own...Knowledge is proud that he has learn’d so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.”]


Article #117 - What is the cause of the irregularity of the surface of the earth?


What is the cause of the irregularity of the surface of the earth


[The author mentions strata which have been dislocated, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the action of waters on earth’s surface.]

Article #116 - Why does a fiddle string give a musical sound?


Why does a fiddle string give a musical sound


Because the bow drawn across the string causes it to vibrate: and this vibration of the string sets in motion the sound waves of the air, and pro[d]uces musical notes

                        S M Shaw

Article #115 - Education

[Pages 4 and 6 of a disquisition on morality, urging the use of education to inculcate morality and saying religion is empty without it.]

Article #113 - Nature


The Harmony of Nature


[The author, D, finds fault with a piece in a previous Journal, which argued that since animals quarrel, “it must not be contrary to the will of Almighty God, for man, also, to engage in battle.” He draws some distinctions between the behavior and capabilities of man and animals, among them man’s capacity for reason.]


Article #112 - Hayes/Fussell controversity


On the letter head of G. P. Hayes, Land Agent, Embreeville, Chester Co. PA

                        Dutchland, Montgomery Co., Nov. 18th 52

To the members of Locust Grove & Marlboroughville Litterary [sic] association,

Article #111 - Fishing Party


[A letter to the editor strongly recommending that the association sponsor a fishing party on the “last 7th day in beautiful May.” 4th mo. 53]


Article #110 - Unknown Subject


Miss Editress

From the Moon

            Residing as I do on your satellite the Moon, a letter from me will doubtless be somewhat unexpected. You are already doubting My Identity you have imbibed the false Notion spread amongst many at your land that this Wourld [sic] of ours is a dark opake [sic] Body and not a living soul inhabits it. Much less that any one should venture a communication on the new refined electric telegraph that circulates intelligence throughout the Multiplicity of Wourlds.

Article #109 - Solitude




[...”when grief weighs down our minds, when nature appears clad in the dark robe of mourning, and our feelings are all absorbed in the contemplation of our situations, tis then we feel a calm satisfaction in being alone...” we should seek solitude, which will give “ courage to go forth to meet the trials of the future, with a heart sustained by the never dying power of christen [sic] love.”  --CW