Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #158 - Why it is warmer on the brink of a stream or river on a freezing morning than out in the open country?


Answer to the question why it is warmer on the brink of a stream or river on a freezing morning than out in the open country.


[The unnamed author answers the question and requests that it be read by Josiah Jackson.]

Article #157 - Successful Lyceums


   Wilmington Del Feb 22nd 1853


Fellow Members


[The writer has been travelling in SE PA., DE, and MD, and has found no area where Lyceums succeed other than in areas where Quakers are the largest group. This he ascribes to the evils of sectarianism, which prevent free and liberal discussion. Also, he finds limitations in other groups.]


Article #156 - Origin of Names


[The author has apparently been asked to write about the origins of names, which he or she ascribes to characteristics of individuals or to incidents in their lives.]


There are many other names, of course, whose origin we are unable to trace. Nor do I know that it would be profitable further than to gratify an idle curiosity to pursue the subject to any considerable length. I shall therefor[e] with these vague remarks drop it.


Article #155 - Why does rubbing a limb prevent stiffness?


Why does rubbing a limb prevent stiffness?


[The author believes rubbing increases heat and improves the circulation.]


Article #153 - Preserving Meat

[The author, Emma Malin, explains the process of salt preserving meat.)

Article #152 - Lyceums



Important conditions requisite for the permanency of lyceums

To have them established upon a firm moral basis, (for thus they live). To have an holiness of purpose, a purity of aspiration

[line illegible]...


...but when we truly live, each day adds strength and love to life -- the recollections of the past

become the pleasure of the present, and the duties of the present bring the happiness of the future.


Article #151 - Dead Donkey



                        for the Pocopson Literary Journal

            A Spiritual Linguist


            Along the left hand margin of a Veterinary Register down at Rodwhites Tavern will be found written in very legible characters the obituary notice of a curiously developed specimen of

the donkey family, the late property of Josephus Dodger Esqr followed by a couplet at the

Article #150 - Temperatures


What proof have we that the north

termperate zone was once warmer than

it now is.


[The author, probably Jabez Baily, gives as evidence the earth’s strata and the fossils found in it.]

Article #149 - Living


I behold a wide road leading away into the distance and as it approaches nearer the mountain it becomes divided one branch leading into the happy land and the other into the dark void.


[The anonymous author describes a dream in which the sufferings of those who follow “Fashion Pleaser” are contrasted with the blessings that await “Benevolent Love.” Awaking, he or she resolves to follow the latter and “to engage others if possible to follow her also, in this I saw the duty of man.”]