Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #168 - Education


A question having been introduced relative to confining all Questions & Essays &c to scientific subjects.

            Two answers have been given & thinking justice has not yet been done the subject I propose submitting a few remarks in reference to it, and the last answer is the object of Lyceums is mutual improvement & the acquisition of knowledge it follows as a selfevident truth the field of investigation should be equally extensive. In order that we should become interested in our

Article #167 - Philosophy of Health


What is the philosophy of Health


            In the first place it is essential that we should know what health is. The perfectly

Article #166 - Rhymed Words


Rhymed Words


Pains and pleasures, smiles and tears,

Fill the measure of our years,

Joy and sorrow, grief and mirth

Clothe our pilgrimage on earth.


Summer mornings, winter nights,

Bring alternate buds and blights,

Shower and sunshine, light and gloom,

Pave our pathway to the tomb.


Radiant flowers and thorny tees

Article #165 - Education



            On Man


            The noblest and Most fitting study of Mankind is Man. 1st What is the intended object of his creation, and 2nd is he as a Rational Creature endeavouring to ascertain that fact and filling up the Measure of his destiny.

Article #164 - Lessons of History

[This two-page fragment deals with the lessons of history. Most of it recommends various historians, such as Hume, Macaulay, Plutarch, and others.]

Article #163 - Education


 Attention to Mans Physical as well as mental nature, nessary [sic]


[The author urges attention to both aspects but believes the mental aspect is the more important.]


Article #162 - Music


[The author differs with another Lyceum member, Otley Vernon, who argued for the study of music, saying that since this is a God-given attribute it should be cultivated.]


Article #161 - Nature


When the temperature of the atmosphere is above the freezing point, why do not the snow and ice instantly return to water?

[F. D. answers this.]

Article #160 - Phonography

[A duplicate of an article about the advantages of learning to write in phonography.]

Article #159 - Treatment of Criminals


                 Wilmington Del Feb 22nd 1853


Fellow Members


[The writer has been travelling in SE PA., DE, and MD, and has found no area where Lyceums succeed other than in areas where Quakers are the largest group. This he ascribes to the evils of sectarianism, which prevent free and liberal discussion. Also, he finds limitations in other groups.]