Article #159 - Treatment of Criminals


                 Wilmington Del Feb 22nd 1853


Fellow Members


[The writer has been travelling in SE PA., DE, and MD, and has found no area where Lyceums succeed other than in areas where Quakers are the largest group. This he ascribes to the evils of sectarianism, which prevent free and liberal discussion. Also, he finds limitations in other groups.]


                        While the Germans of the north are slow to improve their minds, yet eager to accumulate wealth, add field to field, and rear large barns and handsomely decorate them with

paintings, and are content with little personal show, the citizens of the opposite extreme [the South] manifest but little interest in agricultural pursuits, love their ease, are content with possessing little, and even take but indifferent care of that, are fond of games of chance, indulge themelves much in stimulants, watch strangers closely, suspect every northerner of being a yankee, and threat [sic] him likewise, until he gains their confidence & learns that he is not opposed to slavery, and then their hospitality is almost unbounded. The difference in the habits, customs & views of the citizens of Chester & Cecil Co’s are almost incredible...

                                    ...To the mind of an abolitionist

there is something thrilling in the first crossing of Masons & Dixons line...Having before observed an existing difference in the character and disposition of the citizens of the N & S...

The cause which produced this effect was slavery. The cause of it[s] tardy progression and regeneration from its present abominable condition is the present existence of slavery & the cause of their degrad[ed] moral & religious condition can readily be traced to its true origin, in slavery.


[He closes, saying he is about to leave for Perryville on the Susquehanna and sending good wishes to the Lyceum.]

                                    Very respectful[l]y Butcher Boy

                                                Embreeville, Forward in P.C.

Highly respected friends.