Article #165 - Education



            On Man


            The noblest and Most fitting study of Mankind is Man. 1st What is the intended object of his creation, and 2nd is he as a Rational Creature endeavouring to ascertain that fact and filling up the Measure of his destiny.

            The answer to these must necessarily be found in the same principal [sic] by Which the Truths of Astronomy are established. They are all founded upon Supposition. A certain proposition is assumed and if that “Hypothesis” answers better to the various phenomena of Nature than any other it is set down as an axiom and thus the various axioms or ABCs of Astronomy are established. Just so with the laws that govern a true code of Ethics. That hypothesis which answers best in my judgment to the various developments of Intel[l]igence is That man was formed to improve and cultivate aright the various propensities of his nature and thereby Enjoy Life, Be Happy in this state of Being and eventually be transplanted as a pupil in a Never ending development in a higher life. 2ndly is he filling up the Measure of his destiny. We find him in the Morning of Life pure and innocent the verry [sic] exponent of all that is lovely or angelic his little heart set upon improvement a continual learner every day. And the greatest

of all who have yet lived hath set this position of the little child as a true Matte or Model for

the continued observance of Man in every progression of his existance [sic]. And as a nescessary [sic] consequence. Peace harmony and Beattitude [sic] would reign triumphant among the human family. is it so. The Wail of anguish, the cry of distress that floats on every Breeze answers No giving evidence conclusively that Mankind as a Race are not in the true orbit of their destination. Upon every Individual therefore rests a responsibility to be crowned with the loveliness of Spirit of the child. The actions of such Will be of a corresponding character. Mental culture continuing through life, such will sweetly pass along in their orbit of existance [sic]. And the gravitation of their course Will Be to draw others after them into a correct course of life in Which alone true

comfort as enjoyment can be found.

            See around us all are striving

            All are rushing to and fro

            Round the Busy Wourld [sic] they’re driving

            All Would court this Seraph too

            Now hear the several genies Whispering

            Painting in a golden strain

            All that’s in the wourld is glistning

            In the end shall be your gain

            All these votaries the successful

            Values not the Prize they’re Won

            And this seraph that is distrustful

            Will not own them as her own

            Tis in our Breasts we find the dove

            All have found and known its cost

            On Great Jehovah Wing of love

            [illegible] this fantham [phantom?] men have lost


                        S. A. Martin, Editress