Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #187 - Teaching Character


or the Journal       Diligence                


Article #186 - Temperance


For the Journal

            A Word to the Young Ladies

[The author urges the young ladies to exert their influence on young men, to persuade them “with all the power of sisterly regard” to abjure alcohol.]


                                    If you but exert the power you are invested with, when the final vote

comes to be taken on this question the pure and spotless banner of Temperance will wave

Article #185 - War


 What was the cause of the war between Austria and Hungary

[The author ascribes this to aspirations for a freer, more U.S.-like form of government, complicated by differing tribes and religious groups.]

Article #184 - Natural History



            How is knowledge of natural history useful?


...There is perhaps no situation in which the lover of nature and the observer of animals life may

Article #183 - Unknown subject



            At the last meeting of this Lyceum was read an essay in commemoration of Thomas

Paine -- an anniversary eulogy on this individual. It was short & graphic. No doubt greatly

Article #182 - War in Europe


For the Journal


            War now rages with its desolating effects over the soil of Europe. Russia by her intrigues

threatens to destroy the nationality of Turkey, while England and France roused to indignation by the varied acts of Injustice committed upon her have drawn sword in defence of those principles which in former times cast its brightest ray over European history...


[The author, Paurette, expects a good outcome.]

Article #181 - Phonography


What advantages have the new systems of Phonography and phonotopy* over the old systems of writing and spelling? For reasons which I could but need not give, I shall not be able to do this question that justice which its importance demands. I hope therefore that some one interested in the subject will give the meeting a more full answer.

Article #180 - Notes on Greeley speech


 Short Description of Horace Greel[e]y’s appearance and address delivered before the Odd

            Fellows Library Society Feby 26th 1851 Wilmington Delaware


Article #179 - Pic Nicks


              Oct. 25 1853

Friend Editress ---   I send the

following for Jo[u]rnal


                        “Pic Nicks”


Article #178 - Patience





[This article is too faded to be legible.]