Article #181 - Phonography


What advantages have the new systems of Phonography and phonotopy* over the old systems of writing and spelling? For reasons which I could but need not give, I shall not be able to do this question that justice which its importance demands. I hope therefore that some one interested in the subject will give the meeting a more full answer.

            Phonography it seems to me has decided advantages over the present system. Phonography itself means Spelling or writing by sound...At present spelling is a work of the memory almost entirely, letters being used which have no kind of connection with the sound of the word spelled; in phonography it is not so. Every elementary sound has a character to represent it... [Phonography/phonotopy] may be truly classed among one of the great reforms and improvements of the present day and age and many and great will be the wonders it would work, if generally adopted by mankind.

*As far as I can tell, Phonotopy is just another term for Phonography. --MLD