Article #187 - Teaching Character


or the Journal       Diligence                


            It is said that the mother of Washington was asked how she had formed the character of her son. She reflected that she had early endeavoured to teach him three things, obedience, diligence and truth. No better advice than this can be given by any parent. To teach a child to obey, ought to be the first lesson, but as it is my purpose to speak more of diligence I shall leave the other for a more able pen. To cultivate the habit of being well employed would be a great safeguard through life as well as essential to the culture of almost every virtue.


[The author, N, inveighs against slothfulness and says that through diligent labor great things may be accomplished.]

...But my young friends let us keep in our view some worthy object and thereby make ourselves useful members of society, beloved by the wise and good, and be the comfort and delight of our careful and concerned parents and what is of more consequence, be loved by our Heavenly Father.