Article #166 - Rhymed Words


Rhymed Words


Pains and pleasures, smiles and tears,

Fill the measure of our years,

Joy and sorrow, grief and mirth

Clothe our pilgrimage on earth.


Summer mornings, winter nights,

Bring alternate buds and blights,

Shower and sunshine, light and gloom,

Pave our pathway to the tomb.


Radiant flowers and thorny tees

Designedly perplex and please,

Buds and blossoms mingle here

Human hearts to chill and cheer.


Hopes and Fancy’s make life fair,

Anger loads it with despair

And the drowning rain of scorn

Blight and darkens many a morn.


[The poem, of about twenty quatrains, is concerned with the opposites of life and emphasizes reason as the vital quality.]


Then, the lesson Jesus taught

Will be valued as it ought

Harmony more eager sought,

Hopeful, High, Inspiring thought!