Article #141 - Reform


 to be read by the secretary


            Reform may be compared to the food of a child, which should be at first fresh warm milk, and changed gradually to harder and stronger food of different kinds as age and the strength of the

digestive organs increase....

            So it is with reform, it may be distilled into the minds of  the people by small portions, until their minds are strengthened, and in time they will cherish approve and sustain almost all kinds of reform...of which abolition and temperance are but the beginning...

            The actors in this great work of perfection must beware how and when they act, many

of those who pride themselves in being most active in reform are doing the most to retard

its progress, principally on account of their being ignorant of the laws of human nature...

            Government must be broken up churches demolished and institutions set up in which

the people shall be taught to worship God by reason, and the doctrine of Christ must be laid

aside as a worn out and useless book; nothing must be said or done, but which will tend to reform, and all must be propelled and guided by reason. This is a doctrine entertained by some but which is adverse to the opinion of people in general and if the various doctrines and opinions of reformers are to be immediately carried into effect it will most assuredly produce confusion in the churches and anarchy in government...

            ...but by proper nourishment adapted to the age and condition, reform may be as rapidly and far more easily brought to perfection.

            Then will man escape the many afflictions...He will enjoy the many pleasures which

follow the obediance [sic] of moral law; then contention and war, vice and slavery will cease, and

man will be in peace with his fellows and with his maker.

                                    J. S. T.