Article #144 - Fragments


A few words respecting the watchers that appeared in the January number of our Journal. This article termed the Watchers which we refer to, we admit as being one that does some credit to the author or authors respecting ability -- and while we admire the talent that produced it we dissent widely from the spirit it possesses.

            We don’t object to personalities when given in a kind & courteous manner & know that they will be received likewise. But the character of the Watchers throughout seems to be of a nature calculated to injure the feelings of many persons also, if possible to create a greater antipathy for those called Progressives than has heretofore been -- And I trust we all feel & know that it would not be necessary much less desirable to have less good feeling between the friends of the neighborhood than at present exists.

            We can bear the spirit of the Watchers better almost any where than in our Lyceum. The instance that it refers to has no connection whatever with our association & why it was sent to the Journal we know not -- Such a spirit as it possesses if we mistake it not -- We earnestly hope may never be found in our association. We have no fellowship whatever with some of the doings

of the conservative friends & feel that we have been treated with feelings closely allied to unkind-

ness & tho we differ widely from them in opinion our respect still continues. May we all have

charity one for another.