Article #148 - Lyceum


 For the Journal

                        Snow Hill 2nd mo 54


Miss Editress


            The snow is piled up in our streets from 4 to 10 ft. high, being thrown up from front of

our doors and pathways we seem to be living in a kind of a military fort with a most formidable breast-work; and which does not unfrequently afford protection from the balls of an enemy -- while here and there are roads and narrow passes, cut through, for the purpose of receiving supplies and keeping up communication with certain important points. But what I wish to communicate is the fact that in the midst of this engaging scenery -- and the constant jingle of sleigh-bells, so powerful in diverting the youthful mind from literary pursuits, some are earnestly

discussing the affairs of your Lyceum. It is indeed a satisfaction, yea a pleasure of the highest order, to know that amid the most engrossing scenes and captivating pleasures, the young are reflecting on a “true life” and resolving to live it. Cheering to you must it be then, to know that at such a time there is evinced an interest in your association which you acknwledge to be productive of so much mutual good and for the prosperity of which you so diligently labour. But I will ask, are you not deceived in another estimate of the mutual benefits derived from your Lyceum? To this question shall I add a few observations, space will allow of but few, though there are many, that might be made in honest doubt of its acknowledged .

[The author, E, goes on to sum up the many hours consumed by Lyceum meetings and getting to and from them, and ends by asking whether it’s all worth it.]