Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #33 - Rotation or Change


  It is evident that all things undergo a gradual change.

[The writer outlines changes in plants and animals, goes on to mention changes in people and communities over time, and then gets to the point.]

                        ...We are entirely different now from what we were half a century ago at that period intoxicating liquors were considered innocent and indespensible [sic] beverges [sic] the fire

Article #32 - Complaint


To the Floral Wreath [apparently a column in the Lyceum Journal]


            As I did not write for the Floral Wreath last meeting I will endeavour to do so this as I

Article #31 - Meaning of Cubic Ton


What is the meaning of Ton in Cubic Measure, and why does it take 50 feet of square timber

to make a Ton and only 40 feet of round timber.


[This is a technical, well presented article, giving the process by which formulas for such measures are arrived at, including allowance for the weights of different kinds of wood.]


Article #29 - A person's Shadow


Is there any place south of the tropic of capricorn from which a person’s shadow would fall north?


This question may be understood in two different ways. It may be construed to mean whether [sic] a person’s shadow would fall north of the tropic of capricorn, or it may mean northward from the place on which the person may be standing. Taking the first as the meaning I will answer that there is none to my knowledge, taking the second, I answer there are many places, and at the south pole is one of them.

Article #28 - The Past, Present, and the Future



The subject selected for the present essay is one particularly interesting, a portion of it alone (the Past) would afford a theme upon which very much might be written. We might travel far back

Article #27 - A morning Revery (sic)


[This paper has much insect damage. Below is a fragment.] previous to us, it departs not hastily. From yonder field comes the odor of the new hay but yesterday the victim of the scythe. The brook makes pleasant music, and the songs of the birds blend with it so sweetly that our hearts when hearing them must surely feel that God has given all lovely things for our benefit, and these might teach us to feel anew each day that He intended our lives to be as harmonious and beautiful as theirs.

Article #26 - Sleeping with Plants


Why is it unhealthy to sleep in a room where plants are growing

In order to answer this question we must consider what are the componants [sic] of Atmosp-

Article #25 - Botany


[Some insect damage to this page.]



How interesting and instructive it must be to trace the different species of Flora’s beauties

which bedecks the face of nature from their germ hidden in the ground up through all its changes

Article #24 - Organization


For the Journal


            There appears to have been in the minds of men through all ages an instinctive desire for association; in whatever enterprise they may engage whether for pecuniary or public advantage

or for the advancment of morals or religion in the earth, organizations have stood as an

efficient means for promoting the object.