Revolution to Civil War (1800-1870)

Article #42 - What is the reason that iron becomes heated by being hammered?


   It is a well known fact that when bodies pass from a dense to a ?? rare state, their capacity for caloric or heat is increased, heat is consequently absorbed, and cold is produced, but when bodies pass from a soft to a hard state, their capacity for caloric or heat is diminished, consequently the heat which was before latent, is thrown off and becomes sensible, when air is compressed forcibly in a tube the heat which was before latent becomes sensible, because the condensation lessens its capacity for caloric.

Article #41 - Womans Genius


        Selected for the Journal

            Womans Genius


If a womans heart have yearnings,

Which time alone can fill

If the holiest aspirations

Her restless bosom fill

If from the fountain of her breast

Flows every lofty thought

And with all glorious imagery

Her heart & mind be fraught,

Must she because a woman

Article #40 - Thoughts on establishing a Lyceum


          Thoughts suggested upon the consideration of the subject of establishing a Lyceum.


            Persons not familiar with the buisiness [sic], not understanding the object of such an assosiation [sic]; will naturally inquire into its nature and design; and as that is of a public character and meant to interest all, it is important that every person should understand clearly the object and buisiness in order that they may act knowingly in whatever way they may feel disposed towards it.

Article #39 - Meaning of Poetic Feet


Please explain the meaning of Poetic feet


All workmen must have a rule to govern them if they work systematic or scientific[al]ly. The workman has his foot and by it his work is perfected in system and order. The poet has his, comprising a certain number of accented and nonaccented syllables and if harmony and melody is

observed the same order of feet will pervade his verse. Critics of course will measure it by their rule of feet.

                                    H. B.

Article #38 - Barnum offer for poem on Jenny Lind


Barnum, he offered $200 for the best piece of poetry that could be produced upon the arrival of Jenny Lind.


Argument showing wherein the above sentence is incorrect according to some of the various authors now in use.


1st: Incorrect because the Nom[in]ative case Barnum has no verb in the sentence, expressed or

Article #37 - Should Moral Subjects be Presented?


           Ought moral subjects to be introduced into the Lyceum or would it better promote its interest & purposes to confine its attention altogether to those of a scientifick [sic] nature?


            This question has elicited some controversy for the last few meetings and although in my

Article #36 - Andrew Jackson Davis



            For the Journal             Andrew Jackson Davis*


Article #35 - Blessed are they who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed?


 Every person who has become great in the eyes of the world had his or her time of beginning, to write letters, essays, addresses etc. and as I feel that there is about three inches of rust to be scaled off befor[e] I can scrape up a idea above a whipperwill [sic].

            It is said that practice makes perfect so I suppose my imperfections will be excusable on the score of inexperience.

Article #34 - Sunday Labor


 Is it wrong to perform labour on the first day of the week.