Beginnings of Pocopson Township (1870-1900)

Locust Grove Class in 1890

In 1890, regular attendance was increasing, but enrollment was declining. Pennsylvania Federal Census records for 1890 were destroyed in a warehouse fire in 1921, so we do not know how many households or the overall population of Pocopson for this year. The Teachers’ Monthly Reports for June 5, 1890, show 23 students enrolled in the Locust Grove School at that time. The 1890 roll did not record occupations for the fifteen families or the race or ethnicity of the students. June 5th was the end of the 160-day school year.

Locust Grove Class in 1870

Locust Grove Schoolhouse was growing in enrollment, and the building was expanded in 1870. Census records indicate 107 households and 502 people lived in Pocopson Township in 1870.  That year, fifty-two students attended the Locust Grove Schoolhouse. Of the 52 students—aged 6 through 17—enrolled, five students were African American, 14 students had Irish immigrant parents, and 33 students were white.