Locust Grove Class in 1870

Locust Grove Schoolhouse was growing in enrollment, and the building was expanded in 1870. Census records indicate 107 households and 502 people lived in Pocopson Township in 1870.  That year, fifty-two students attended the Locust Grove Schoolhouse. Of the 52 students—aged 6 through 17—enrolled, five students were African American, 14 students had Irish immigrant parents, and 33 students were white. (In 1870, one Scottish, four British, and 32 Irish immigrants were residents of Pocopson Township.) Some students attended school for as many as 141.5 days, while others attended for as few as 6.5 days out of 149 days. One shoemaker, two housekeepers, one blacksmith, one carpenter, and one merchant were among the parents. The rest of the parents (42) were either farmers or farm laborers. Four students, aged 13 to 17, had occupations themselves; three boys were farm laborers and lived in other households, and (at least) one girl student was a domestic servant in another household. These working students attended school infrequently compared to peer students living with their own families.