Denton Hollow Barn

This barn has been repurposed into a house near the Pocopson Creek bridge on Denton Hollow Rd.  It was most likely built during Joseph Darlington's ownership of the property.  The photo was taken most likely frm the stone bridge.  Note the road just below the barnyard wall extending along the fence.  It was part of Denton Hollow Rd that extended along the Pocopson Creek to Street Road ( Rt. 926).  Back when the Denton Cotton Mill was running it was most likely the main road to that property from that part of the Township. 

The barn started to fall into disrepair in the 1970's.  Later in the 1990's, the DeHaven family took down the ruins of the wood frame and rebuilt a new house in Newlin Township using some of the original materials.


The foundation was repurposed into a house by the Serum family in the 2000s.