Article #172 - Slavery


     Editorial gleanings

--On June 2nd 1854 the Government cutter Morris was ordered by Franklin Pierce President to

            carry Anthony Burns from Boston, Mass. to Virginia to be enslaved forever.

--A telegraphic dispatch announces that Anthony Burns is to be sold to the far south

            to spend a life of slavery in the rice swamps and cotton fields.

--The Congregationalist says that the slave Burns belongs to the same church with Col.

            Tuttle, the claimant, and is a baptist minister! If this does not make the cheeks of every               Christian in the country blush for shame then we had better exchange our religion for that                       of the Turks. Baptist clergymen are carried into Slavery by Boston Mayors and                               commissioners within the shadow of Bunker’s Monument!

--James Montgomery the Poet died on the 30th of April last at Sheffield England at the age 82.


[On the reverse is a poem, “Beauty Everywhere,” by Charles H. Brainard.]