Article #138 - Pocopson Literary Asociation


         Decbr 5th 1850


Which would benefit society the most in general to support Pocopson Literary association or to

establish a school for the cultivation of music

            This question at our last meeting was refer[r]ed to me to answer. The difficulty of the

answer did not appear so great at the time as it does upon coming to answer it, and it is so from

the unrestricted meaning of the question. The unbounded latitude given to its meaning, the different aspects under which it is capable of being considered. The proposer does not ask whether I as a single individual or the whole of Pocopson, or society at large, is to pursue either the one or the other and thereby produce the most good.


[The author, Otley Vernon, goes on to describe the soothing and “soul-elevating” effects of well performed music and adds that since the talent for music is inborn it is incumbent upon us to cultivate it.]


On the part of the benefits derived from supporting this association I do not wish to detract. But owing to my organization the faculty of music being one of the stronger points of my character

consequently I would make a greater effort in that direction and thereby benefit society the most.