Locust Grove Schoolhouse Curriculum

The files attached below contain all four lesson plans developed to educate children about life in a one room schoolhouse, and the fascinating history of our local treasure, the Locust Grove Schoolhouse.

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The four lessons include:

Lesson 4: To Preserve or Not Preserve

Do you need to visit the Locust Grove Schoolhouse to understand its history?

In this lesson, children will learn about the practice of historic preservation and the protection of historic cultural resources and will consider and possibly debate the importance of preserving the Locust Grove Schoolhouse.

Students will be able to:

One-Room Schoolhouse Day at Your School

Cool clothes, fun food, and rad rules in the comfort of your own classroom.

In this lesson, children will plan a special day at school to experience and share the one-room classroom. Children will compare and contrast clothing, lunch carriers, foods and schoolhouse rules100 years ago with those of today. They will learn about changes in lunch carriers over a chronological period. They can even make their own lunch pails if desired.

Students, Families, and Work

How did Pocopson Township families earn their living over 100 years ago, and were the parents and adults the only ones working?

After the students have learned about one-room schoolhouses, including the Locust Grove Schoolhouse in Activity One, they will begin to learn about the community that the school served. In this lesson, children will use copies of primary source documents—the Census, newspaper articles, and Teacher’s Monthly Reports—to learn about Pocopson Township’s occupations.