A.M.E. Church Gravestones

Partial List of Gravestones

Wesley Miller P(?  ) Co. B. 3rd U.SC.T. Died April 21, 1899, aged 87 years ( private Co B 3 Reg date of discharge 10/31/1865, born 1812, date of enlist 6/30/1863, colored,laborer)

James Raymond Co B. 8 Reg U.S.C.T. Died May 15 1892, aged 50 years  ( private B 3 Reg, date of discharge 10/31/1865, born 1842, enlist date 6/30/1863, colored)

Geo. Bush Co. I. 45th U.S.C.T (enlist date 8/12/1864 discharge nov 4, 1865 absent sick of MO of Co, colored, laborer, private)

Salle M. Wife of Archie D. Mooney





Formal records are sketchy, but it seems likely that many residents of Pocopson belonged to the Society of Friends, or Quakers.  There is no evidence of Quaker Meetings within the current township boundaries, but the locals might well have participated in Quarterly or Annual Meetings recorded as having taken place in Birmingham, West Chester, Kennett or Kennett Square, Longwood, Marlborough, Unionville, or Bradford.